March 4 is the 63rd day of the year.


  • 1986, Tuesday:
  • Timeline 1:
  • Timeline 2:
    • With Marty stuck in the future, Doc arrives via his prototype time machine, the temporal field generator Mk II. He modifies the DeLorean for time travel, using the time circuits and flux capacitor from the time parachute, along with a Mr. Fusion that he purchased in 2015. Doc and Jennifer travel in Doc's second DeLorean time machine to 2035 to rescue Marty.
  • Timeline 3:
    • Doc drops Marty and Jennifer off at home, shortly after they left. He then travels back to 1893, to reunite with his family.
    • Needles is arrested by the police. As Marty and Jennifer are asleep in their beds, the police don't believe his story about an antique car and a DeLorean, which he said ran him off the road. Needles uses his phone call to harass Marty McFly, who tells Needles that he needs to change.
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