Emmett Brown and Marty McFly enter Irving's lab.

Marcus Irving's laboratory was a secret location used by Marcus Irving to store his future technology, which had been collected from the 1990s up until at least 2008. He developed it after he left the 1980s in his recently completed time machine.

In 1986, its future location was marked by a large rock. At some point between 1986 and 1997, Irving created the company MAI-tech, and reverse-engineered future technology for his own needs. The laboratory was located underneath the MAI-tech skyscraper, and was linked by an elevator, which ran up and down the outer side of the building.

Designs for the flux capacitor are placed along the wall.

When Irving brought Emmett Brown and Marty McFly to 19654 B.C. in his Yugo time machine, he sent the DeLorean his laboratory, where he would catch up with it later after disposing of Doc and Marty. Realising that they could cause a massive butterfly effect if they remained so far in the past, Irving changed his mind and returned to the Pleistocene era, collecting them from the large rock that marked the location of his lab.

Irving decided to get rid of Doc and Marty by leaving them to his androids, which he kept in the upper floors of the skyscraper. Doc activated the DeLorean by remote control, causing the car to violently attempt to escape from the laboratory, breaking through the side of the skyscraper and returning to its owner.

The duo flew the DeLorean back into the lab, and explored the many inventions that Marcus had borrowed from the future. They discovered that Irving had been alone all his life, as he had dedicated part of the room to a 'family' display, where he had collected photographs of his young self, and even built a sister robot that gave encouragement.


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