Mark Dixon takes Lorraine
Mark Dixon
Biographical information
Date of birth1939
Age (1955)16
Age (1985)46
Age (2015)76
Physical description
Hair colorRed
Eye colorBlue
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byCourtney Gains
" On the dance floor, many of the young people were so wrapped up in the magical moment they failed to notice the band's disintegrating sound. George McFly in particular was totally oblivious to mere music. Having been shunted aside, he saw Dixon encircle Lorraine's waist with one arm as he prepared to take her hand. / Lorraine looked helplessly at George. / George's hesitation was brief. Taking a long stride toward Dixon, he said simply: "Excuse me." / It came out in the best Clint Eastwood tradition, a soft phrase with underlying tones of businesslike, very confident menace. Reaching out with one hand to shove Dixon ten feet away, he took Lorraine with the other and folded her to his chest. Turning her chin upward, he kissed her gently on the lips. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 220 and 221)

Mark Dixon was a student at Hill Valley High School in 1955.


Dixon had red hair and was considered by some as a bully, although not on the scale of Biff Tannen. He considered himself to be the "class clown", and one of his practical jokes was in putting a "Kick me" sign on George McFly and knocking George's books to the ground. Marty McFly observed the incident on his first day at Hill Valley High School on November 7, 1955.

During the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, Dixon, possibly drunk from the punch Biff and his gang spiked, cut in during George McFly's slow dance with Lorraine Baines, and began to "dance" with her. Marty was powerless to do anything as George walked away, and barely able to whisper his father's name while Dixon threatened the future. George, who had knocked Biff out cold a few minutes earlier, realized that Dixon would no longer be a problem for him. George returned, and pushed Dixon to the floor. Taking Lorraine in his arms, George delivered the kiss that would seal his destiny and hers, as well as the existence of their future son.

In 1973, in the alternate timeline where an elderly Biff Tannen traveled to 1955 to give himself a Grays Sports Almanac, Mark Dixon, George McFly, Goldie Wilson, Stanford S. Strickland, the editor of the Hill Valley Telegraph, and three other individuals turned the Hill Valley Civic Committee into a secret committee with the sole purpose of stopping BiffCo.

It is unclear as to whether Dixon was still living in Hill Valley in 1985 and 2015.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In a deleted scene, Mark locks George in a payphone booth just before he goes to "rescue" Lorraine from Marty. George, in his nervousness, was wanting to check the current time. The extra time it took for George to get to the car that Lorraine was in, turned out to be somewhat of a blessing as he was able to lay out Biff and gain self-confidence.