Marlin Berry
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"This guy is rock-and-roll royalty. Not only is he the son of next-gen rock legend Marlene McFly (whose father was the lead singer from Marty and the Pinheads), Marlin also traces his family line back to Chuck Berry's cousin Marvin (of whom we caught just a glimpse during his performance at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in 1955). Marlin even has famous sci-fi author George McFly in his family tree! He's the coolest."
—Back to the Future: The Card Game FAQ

Marlin Berry was a possible descendant of Marvin Berry.


Marlin Berry's timeline is dependent on the death of Clara Clayton and the success of the McFly family, as indicated by the events he must set in motion:

  • Clara Clayton falling into the ravine to ensure the name Clayton Ravine
  • George McFly punching Biff and then getting his story published
  • Marty McFly avoiding Needles' challenge (and Marty Jr. refusing Griff's heist) to ensure Marty becomes a rock star, and that Marlene would begin her first concert tour.

Behind the scenes[]

  • As the card game in which this person appears deals with a series of alternate universes, this character cannot be considered film canon.