Marta McFly
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Marta McFly was the great-granddaughter of Marty McFly. She was the captain of the solar sail ship MSC Marty in the year 2091.


Marta McFly's ship was sabotaged by Griff Tannen's grandson Ziff Tannen, but Jules and Verne came to the rescue with MSC's prototype ship, the MSC Jennifer. With the help of Doc and Clara, Marta saved the ship and returned to Earth safely.

Marta was also the head of the McFly Space Cruises company, which owned the MSC Jennifer and presumably the McFly Space Center from which the ship departed. She hired an impersonator of her great-grandfather Marty to perform his music on her cruise ship.

Behind the scenes

  • Marta has described Marty as her great-grandfather. And carrying the McFly name mean she would be a direct descendant of Marty Jr. and Marty III.