Marty tries out his new Colt Peacemaker in front of a mirror in Doc's livery stable.

"You do understand that if you lose, I'm taking it back."
—Elmer Johnson

Marty's gun was a Colt Peacemaker given to Marty McFly by salesman Elmer H. Johnson after challenging Buford Tannen to a duel.


Marty had demonstrated his expertise with a gun at the shooting gallery on display at the Hill Valley Festival by quickly hitting five targets in a row. He had gained this impressive skill from playing the Wild Gunman video game at the 7-Eleven convenience store in the 1980s.

Marty did not use the gun or its belt during the draw with Tannen, but instead dropped it on the ground and attempted to settle the dispute by other means. After defeating Tannen, Marty threw the gun and belt to Seamus McFly saying it was worth twelve dollars. Seamus joked that he could trade it for a new hat, since Buford (and possibly others) didn't like his style of hats.



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