Marty's Jean Jacket

Marty's jean jacket.

Marty McFly wore a gray and blue two-tone jean jacket in 1985. He often wore an orange down vest on top of the jacket.

Jacket specifics[]

The jacket is mostly gray with blue panels at the top of the arms and shoulders, the collar, and pocket flaps. It has five brass snaps at the opening and two brass snaps on each of the front pockets. The waistband is elastic and there is a crease where the arms meet the back of the jacket.


Marty's jacket was specially created by Guess, with modifications made by the Back to the Future costume designers. The jacket was never made available commercially.


Marty always wore the cuffs turned up on his arms, revealing the jacket's lining.[1]


Marty mcfly pins

The bass guitar pin and Art in Revolution button worn on the jacket.

Marty added one button and two pins to the left side of the jacket.

  • Art in Revolution - The white button with the red triangle and black semi-circle.  The design originates from an exhibition of Soviet art held in London in 1971[2][3].
  • Bass Guitar - The guitar pin is a black and gold Fender Precision Bass.
  • Boomerang - Not a lot is known about this pin, but it would appear to be a boomerang.

Behind the scenes[]



  1. The lining is not Guess. It was added by Back to the Future costume designers.
  2. https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/lords/1971/mar/17/art-in-revolution-exhibition/ A discussion of the exhibition in the UK House of Lords, March 17 1971
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