Marty Jr
Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly, Jr.
Biographical information
Date of birth1998
Age (2015)17
Age (2045)47
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byMichael J. Fox
Voiced byMichael J. Fox
"The déjà vu feeling was back, but this time it lurched around in Marty's stomach. There was something about Junior, something that reminded Marty Senior an awful lot of the teenaged George McFly, back in 1955. Maybe it was the way Junior's coat didn't quite seem to fit, like the coat's uni-form-fit-patch was broken or something; or maybe it was those food stains on his white t-shirt; or the way his hair had been shoved, uncombed, under the color-changing cap. Yep, Marty Senior had to admit it. No wonder Griff picked on him. His son was a prime McFly nerd."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 38)
" Marty Junior stepped out of the Café 80's, still rubbing the spot on the back of his head where he'd hit the floor. He wasn't quite sure what had happened in there. One minute, he had just said no, and the next, Griff had tossed him behind the counter. / After that, he had to admit, he had been ready to say yes to almost anything, but Griff and the other guys hadn't come back to get him! Instead, he vaguely remembered a whole bunch of shouting, and then, he guessed, everyone had left. Well, whatever happened, it was lucky for Marty McFly Junior. Maybe, he thought, you really could say no to Griff. Junior decided he wouldn't be so cowed by the bully next time he ran into him. / Old man Biff looked up from where he was waxing his grandson's car to stare at Junior. / "What the hell?" Biff muttered. "Two of them?" / Two of them? Junior thought. What the hell did that mean? Two of what? Two Marty McFly Juniors? Was the old man seeing double or something? Or was he just crazy? / Junior laughed as he walked away. He bet the whole Tannen family was crazy. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 52 and 53)

Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly, Jr., born in 1998, was the son of Marty and Jennifer McFly, and had a sister named Marlene.

At 17, Marty Jr. looked almost identical to his father at the same age — this allowed Marty, from 1985, to pretend to be his son in 2015. However, Marty Jr. was not exactly the same. Whilst both he and his sister strongly resembled their father a lot more than their mother, Marty Jr had brown eyes like his mother, as opposed to blue eyes like his father.

Marty Jr.'s auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket was also broken on the left sleeve, suggesting that he did not really care much about his appearance. As an average teenager in 2015, he also wore his pants inside-out.

Marty Jr. liked watching television at home and at the Cafe 80's, and preferred six channels at a time to his video glasses that could only show two at a time. He was an enthusiastic football fan, and cheered out loud while watching the Bears play the Spacers. He liked Pepsi Perfect and pizza, although he picked all the pepperoni off his slice before eating it.

He appeared to be a cross between his grandfather, George McFly and his father, in that whilst he was not a nerd, he's slightly wimpy. He would try to stand up for himself, yet usually gave in to peer pressure. Marty Jr. was not however afraid to be a "smartass" though and often made (usually bad) jokes.


"They made me do it."
—Marty Jr.'s claim while under arrest.

Little is known about Marty Jr.'s life pre-2015, when he was aged 17. In 1985, his father Marty Sr. had broken a hand in a car accident and had been sued by the other driver, all because a classmate challenged him to a race. Marty had said "no", but had given in after being called a "chicken". Marty Sr. spent the next 30 years feeling sorry for himself, and this attitude might have influenced Marty Jr. Without a confident father around, Marty Jr. became a pushover and a wimp (much to the horror of 1985 Marty), and was bullied by Griff Tannen and his gang.

On the afternoon of October 21, 2015, Marty Jr. met Griff Tannen in the Cafe 80's. Griff  asked Marty Jr. to join him and his gang with a robbery. Although initially saying "no", Marty Jr. was punched in the face, crunched at the balls, and then thrown over a counter by Griff, and agreed to join in the robbery. At 1:28 a.m. the next morning, the gang (plus Marty Jr.) robbed the Hill Valley Payroll Substation with a stolen degaussing unit, but were caught when Marty Jr. set off an alarm. Griff and his gang distanced themselves from the crime, so Marty Jr. was blamed and sentenced by a data-court to fifteen years in prison.

The following week, Marlene tried to break him out of jail and was caught — she was sentenced to twenty years inside. Dr. Emmett Brown, visiting from 1985 in his DeLorean time machine, found out about all this and vowed to prevent it from happening.


Marty Jr. looks in the window of the Cafe 80's as Marty finishes his game of Wild Gunman.

Luckily, all this changed on October 21, when Doc brought the 1985 versions of Marty and Jennifer to 2015 and knocked the real Marty Jr. out. At this time Marty from 1985 took his son's place, pretending to be him. However, because Doc had used the sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator on Jennifer earlier, there was not enough power to knock out Marty Jr. for a full hour, and he still went to the Cafe 80's to meet Griff. Seeing his future son approach, Marty hid underneath the counter at the cafe. Soon after meeting him at the cafe, Griff threw the real Marty Jr. over the counter leaving him in a semi-conscious state at which time Marty posed as him again. Marty Sr., as Marty Jr., said "No" to Griff, a response that Griff was not expecting. After much chaos including a hoverboard chase around Courthouse Square, Marty Sr. managed to get Griff sent to jail by causing Griff to crash into the Courthouse on his hoverboard (a "Pit Bull"). Now that Griff was in jail, the robbery never happened and Marty Jr. did not go to jail.

Since Marty McFly Sr. learned his lesson about losing his judgement whenever somebody called him a name such as chicken and avoided that Rolls Royce race with Douglas J. Needles that would've led him into that accident which broke his hand damaging his music career, it is likely that Marty Jr. would become much more confident and assertive but it is unknown how Doc and Marty would still go to October 21, 2015 and continue on with the rest of the events in Parts II and III.


Marty Jr. delivering a pizza to old Biff Tannen.

It would appear that Marty Jr. had a job delivering pizzas for a pizza delivery service called Outatime Pizza at some point, as seen on the AOD cover for Back to the Future 11 which depicted Marty Jr. delivering a pizza to old Biff Tannen.

Marty Jr. would later become the father of Marty McFly III and grandfather of Marta McFly, captain and operator of McFly Space Cruisers, which immortalized the McFly Dynasty.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Marty Jr. was portrayed by Michael J. Fox. Scenes in which he appeared together with his father Marty and/or his sister Marlene were accomplished with special effects using the VistaGlide camera.
  • A draft script of Part II suggested that Marlene and Marty Jr. were twins, as both their ages were given as 17 and both are played on screen by Michael J. Fox – however, Marlene's age has never been confirmed and many fans think she is a year or two older.
  • In the original draft for Back to the Future Part II, Marty Jr. was called Norman McFly, named for Jennifer's grandfather.
  • Although Marty Jr.'s habit of picking the pepperoni off his pizza is not explained in the film, Michael J. Fox is a vegetarian in real life and therefore the characters he portrays on-screen are never seen eating meat.
  • In the novelization, he still passes out mumbling that he'd do as Griff asks after getting tossed over the counter. But after he wakes up, Marty Jr. comes to the realization that maybe he could start standing up for himself when confronted with the idea of doing something he knows is wrong (see second Quote above), implying a bit of hope for his future.
  • Considering Marty Jr. was born in 1998, this makes him a member of Generation Z.


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  1. When telling Doc that Danny Parker didn't meet Jennifer's grandmother (Betty), he mentions that without Jennifer's existence, then they wouldn't go to 2015 to save her and Marty's future kids.

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