Biographical information
Date of birth1891
Age (1931)40
Age (1955)64
Age (1985)94 (deceased)
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGreen
Behind-the-scenes information
Voiced byAdam Harrington

Matches was a member of Irving "Kid" Tannen's gang in 1931. He worked at El Kid. One of his jobs was delivering barrels of soup and alcohol to the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen.


On the morning of June 13, 1931, Matches was driving away from Danny Parker to avoid arrest. Later than day, he was polishing Kid's shoes by the bench outside of the Hill Valley Stationers and O'Malley & Sons Barber Shop. He, along with Kid chased Marty McFly to the center of the Courthouse Square several times.

After 4:45 PM, Matches along with Zane were waiting for Arthur McFly outside of the Hill Valley Courthouse to take him to El Kid for interrogation. Before he could get any information from Arthur about his confession to the DA, Marty flipped the switch behind the counter which resulted in disguising the speakeasy as an ice cream parlor, and putting down a curtain between the two. He cames to flip the switch back, only for Marty to hit him over the head with a bottle of McDermott's Canadian Whiskey, allowing for Arthur to be taken out of the building.[1]

As of August 25 of the same year, Matches was in charge of making sure that the customers of El Kid only came in if they knew the password system. He also brought in some dynamite to Kid to inform him of the speakeasy arsonist. He was shortly arrested after Danny Parker cooperated with singer Trixie Trotter in bringing Kid Tannen in for tax evasion.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Match" would be the nickname for a member of the gang led by Kid Tannen's son, Biff, 24 years later.  Portrayed by Billy Zane, and identified as "Match" in the credits, his nickname was apparently derived from his habit of chewing on a match, while the origin of the nickname for Matches is uncertain. Whether there is a connection between 1931 Matches and 1955 Match is unknown.