McDonald's is a fast food restaurant chain.

Behind the scenes[]

The restaurant was originally to have a brief incorporation into the trilogy. The examples included were:

  • Dave McFly working at McDonald's rather than Burger King prior to Marty McFly's travel through time.
  • It was McDonald's rather than the Cafe 80's that Marty encountered Griff Tannen. The restaurant itself was shown to have a major improvement due to the addition of McWaiters which brings the food to the customers.


In 1992, McDonald's included one of four toys from Back to the Future: The Animated Series in the Happy Meals.[1] The four toys were:

The commercial itself was narrated by Doc, who was voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

In the McDonald's Film Fest of 1994, a VHS copy of Back to the Future was included among the selections of movies.



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