William McFly (back row, center) and family.


McFly family members had a tendency to share the same habits.

The McFly family was a large family of mostly Irish descent. Members of the family were generally bullied by non-Irish peoples, in particular another lineage, the Tannen family.


The McFlys had arrived in America in the late 1800s with Seamus McFly, his brother Martin, and Seamus's wife Maggie heading for the West Coast.

After Martin was stabbed to death with a bowie knife during an altercation in a saloon in Virginia City, Nevada, Seamus and Maggie moved on and settled in Hill Valley, California. In 1885, Maggie gave birth to her first son William Sean McFly, the first McFly born in America. From there, the McFlys would create a large family that was notable to make A History of Hill Valley, 1850-1930.

Over the next century, the family continued to reside in Hill Valley, albeit under control of Biff Tannen. Marty McFly would make the greatest contribution to his family's history by going back in time to 1955 in Dr. Emmett Brown's DeLorean time machine and inadvertently changing events. Marty's continued actions would benefit him and his family into the future, well beyond the year 2015.


  • A recurring theme the franchise is that if there is a McFly somewhere in history, the likely there is a Tannen, giving that McFly grief.
  • According to Ziff Tannen, the McFlys have pushed around Tannens in history.[1]
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Family tree

                       Harold McFly + Jennivere McFly (1300s-?)
                |                                       |
          Seamus McFly + Maggie McFly             Martin McFly
                       |                                |
                 William McFly (c. 1885-1950s)    Pee Wee McFly
                 Arthur McFly + Sylvia McFly     Baines family
                              |                        |
                         George McFly + Lorraine Baines McFly
  Parker family         +-------------+----------------------------------------+  
        |               |             |             |                     |                     | 
 Jennifer Parker + Marty McFly    Dave McFly   Linda McFly
       |                   |                                  
Marty McFly, Jr.     Marlene McFly
  Marta McFly

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