The McFly residence in 1985, before Marty's trip to 1955 (better quality)

The McFly residence in 1985, before Marty's trip to 1955.

Marty carwrecked2

Marty in the old house.


The house on the billboard in 1955.

The McFly residence was a one-story house in Lyon Estates where the McFly family lived in 1985.

Its address was 9303 Lyon Drive, Lyon Estates, Hill Valley CA 95420.


The groundbreaking for the house took place in the winter of 1955, which means that the construction was completed in 1956.

George and Lorraine McFly lived in the house as of 1985 with their three children — Dave, Linda and Marty. It is unknown when the children moved out, or even if the parents stayed living there by 2015. It was close to two electrical towers.

Biff Tannen was a frequent visitor to the house to pick up the reports for work he had bullied George into doing for him in one timeline, or to wax his car in another timeline. It is unclear how close he may have lived to them in either timeline.

Once Marty changed the past to reflect the events of the present, he woke up to a much improved living environment, changing from a dingy antiquated setting to a clean and modern home. There were no longer garbage cans along the driveway and the general appearance of the exterior of the house was of high value. Furthermore, the vehicles outside the house had changed from a wrecked Chevrolet Nova on a tow truck to a BMW 733i in the driveway and a Toyota 4X4 in the garage.

In 1985A, due to Biff's manipulation of the space-time continuum, the McFlys had either moved from or never purchased the house; it was instead bought by an African-American family who had suffered many intrusions in the past. Fortunately, after the timeline was restored, the house once more became the home of the McFly family.

While in 1955, Marty saw the design of his house on the billboard for Lyon Estates.

In the 1986F timeline, the house was the same except for a bug zapper.

In the 1986G timeline, the house still had a bug zapper, as well as having some dust-mites as of May 15. Until the house was deemed clean, the McFly family had to stay outside the house, though George was still permitted to do his work in the garage.

Behind the scenes[]


The McFly residence as visited in 2002.

  • In reality, the address still remains 9303 but on Roslyndale Avenue in Arleta (Pacoima), California.
  • The placement of the electrical towers in the background foreshadow the importance of electricity in the movie in the form of lightning.
  • In the Back to the Future novelization, the house is already constructed in 1955, and Marty hides the DeLorean time machine in the garage.


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