McFly Residence-2015-1

The McFly residence in 2015, side view.

McFly Residence-2015-2

Officers Foley and Reese of Unit N11-11 in front of the entrance of 3793 Oakhurst Street, Hilldale.

" "Welcome home, Jennifer!" a computer voice chirruped merrily. No surprise that the computer was one of those outdated models, all warm and insincere. / Since the lights didn't come on, there was no way to tell where they [Reese and Foley] were going. They took her [Jennifer] into what should have been the living room. / "Ma'am," Reese spoke with as much concern as Foley had ever heard. "You should reprogram. It's dangerous to enter without lights on." / "Lights on?" the citizen replied groggily. / The computer activated the lights at the voice command. Voice activation? This program was even older than Foley had imagined! / And the furniture in this place! She was sure there wasn't anything in here made after 1990. The scratched coffee table, sagging couches and threadbare chairs, all reminded Foley of the kind of stuff you'd find in one of those charity stores — except the stuff in those stores would be in a lot better state. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 63 and 64)

The McFly residence was a two-story house where the McFly family lived in 2015.

Its address was 3793 Oakhurst Street, Hilldale, Hill Valley.


Marty McFly, his wife Jennifer and their two children, Marty Jr. and Marlene, all lived in the house. It was six doors from the entrance to the neighborhood.

On October 21, Officers Foley and Reese of the Hill Valley Police Department flew Jennifer back to the house in their hover-converted police car after recovering her in an alleyway and assuming she was the Jennifer of the future.

It is fortunate indeed that Marty and Jennifer appeared to have bought the house before 2015, as an article titled HOME PRICES INCREASE was billed in the Newsline column of the October 22, 2015 issue of USA Today.


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