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Mega Monster Mountain was an amusement park at Hill Valley, California in 1991. The park had a bizarre theme, with all of its rides implying illness or injury, including the "Brain Basher", the "Gut Twister", the "Chow Hurler", and the "Spleen Splitter", a roller coaster. The park charged exorbitant prices, with $100 for an adult ticket, and $10 apiece for its official beverage, "Blue Brain Freeze Cola". Even with a discount coupon, Doc Brown had to pay $275 to take himself, his wife, and two sons to the park. As a result, Doc and Clara traveled to the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, and arranged to return to a point two hours later to pick up their children.

After being banned from further rides on the Spleen Splitter, Jules and Verne met up with Marty, and they took the train to 1904 to catch up with Doc and Clara.