Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney
Biographical information
Date of birthSeptember 23, 1920
Age (1925)5
Age (1931)11
Age (1955)35
Age (1985)65
Age (2015)Deceased
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Mickey Rooney (September 23, 1920 - April 6, 2014) was an actor who appeared in many films throughout his career. One of these was The Atomic Kid which he starred in during 1954.


On August 25, 1931, Marty McFly had a caricature sketch of himself drawn by Zane Williams at El Kid. Upon putting it on the Wall of Fame and asking Trixie Trotter to look at it, she thought the person sketched was Mickey Rooney.

During November of 1955, The Atomic Kid played in the Town Theater. Rooney and co-star Robert Strauss were listed on the marquee sign above the theater entrance.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Like Michael J. Fox, Mickey Rooney's diminutive height (5'4"), youthful appearance, and charisma permitted him to portray teenage characters well into his 20s, although by 1954, he was 34 and no longer a "kid". Robert Strauss, like Christopher Lloyd, was a stage actor who was known in film for his distinctive voice, and appeared in comedies and dramas. Strauss was in his 40s when The Atomic Kid was filmed.
  • Though Mickey Rooney himself didn't appear in the trilogy, he appeared in films or shows along with other BTTF actors/voice actors:
    • Rooney provided the voice of Tod in the 1981 animated film The Fox and The Hound, which included Pat Buttram as Chief.
    • Rooney voiced Flip in the 1992 dub of Litte Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland which included Danny Mann as Icarus.
    • Rooney voiced himself in the 1995 episode of The Simpsons titled "Radioactive Man". Dan Castellaneta regularly voices Homer Simpson and numerous other characters in the show.


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