250px-milton baines
Milton Baines
Biographical information
Date of birth1943
Age (1885)Not yet born
Age (1955)12[1]
Age (1985)42
Age (2015)72
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byJason Hervey
"Wow, you have two TVs? You must be rich."

Milton Samuel Baines was the second child of Sam and Stella Baines. He was 12 years old in 1955. In 1955, Milton liked to wear a coonskin cap, a fad inspired by the Davy Crockett film and television show. His mother, Stella, took the cap off his head twice while Marty was eating dinner with the family, and Milton put it back on each time.[2]


Milton in 1986, attempting to sell a television.

By 1986, Milton worked at a store that sold televisions and other electronic appliances. He now wore glasses and had a moustache. Milton was present to celebrate his brother Joey's return from prison with the rest of his family on May 10, but an argument led to Joey leaving the house.[3]

It is unclear as to whether Milton was still living in Hill Valley in 2015.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Milton was portrayed by Jason Hervey, who was twelve at the time of filming. Hervey later had a role as Wayne Arnold, the older brother in the TV series The Wonder Years (1988-1993).
  • The idea of Marty having an Uncle Milton may have been the filmmakers' reference to the popular 1950s television star Milton Berle, who often referred to himself in comedy routines as "Uncle Miltie". Similar examples can be seen in the names of Lorraine's mother (mentioned once when her husband shouts "Stella!!!") and in the credits for Sherman Peabody.
  • In the animated series, Doc's son Verne Brown wore a similar cap in 1991, just as Marty's uncle had in 1955.
  • Milton wasn't exaggerating when he said that someone with two TV sets must be rich. In 1955, the price of a portable television set, like the one that Sam had bought for his family of seven, was about $140, the equivalent of $1,000 fifty years later when adjusted for inflation (see "The Inflation Calculator"). A newspaper from the time mentioned the $140 set with a 17 inch screen, adding "weighing 80 pounds, equipped with hand grips on either side — it can be mounted on a rolling stand like a supermarket cart and wheeled from room to room as wanted" [4]. As seen in Back to the Future Part III, Dr. Emmett Brown (who was rich) did have two television sets — one in his garage and another in the living room of his mansion.


Notes and references[]

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