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Played byBill McKinney
Engineer: "Is this a hold-up?"
Doc: "It's a science experiment!"
— Hijacking of the train.

An engineer operated Locomotive 131 on Monday, September 7, 1885.


On his one way route was Hill Valley and San Francisco. At 8 am, the train left from the Hill Valley Train Station, with Clara Clayton as one of its passengers. Before reaching Carson Spur, the train suddenly stopped, as one of its passengers ran back towards town. The engineer put the train back in motion, however minutes later found himself facing a revolver and two men. One of the men commanded him to stop the train before the switch up ahead. The engineer and his colleagues cooperated and pulled the locomotive to a halt just before Carson Spur. They were then commanded to uncouple the cars from the tender and watched as the tender and the locomotive chugged away down the unfinished spur.

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