Strickland aims his shotgun at Marty.


"Eat lead, slackers!" Strickland fires his Mossberg 500 at the drive-by shooters. Marty can be seen in the background taking the opportunity to escape.

"Eat lead, slackers!"
—Strickland opens fire at some passing slackers.

A Mossberg 500 was used by ex-Hill Valley High School principal Stanford S. Strickland in 1985A to protect his property from newspaper thieves and drive-by shootings, as he struggled vainly to keep order in a world gone mad.


The Mossberg 500 was a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.

One of the drive-by shooters — who wore glasses and a stud belt — was also armed with a Mossberg 500, which had an extended barrel.

On the night of October 26, Strickland found Marty McFly on his porch with his newspaper — which Marty had picked up to find out what year it was — and ordered him to drop it, pumping the shotgun to emphasize his point. Judging by where Strickland aimed the weapon seconds later when ordering Marty off his property, he would have quite literally ruined Marty's prospects of fathering children by Jennifer Parker forever, had it not been for another drive-by shooting from a carload of gun-toting slackers that occurred — forcing Strickland to dive for cover and Marty taking the opportunity to escape as Strickland loosed two shots after the vehicle.


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