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" The closing music of the film ended, followed by popping noises from the projector and then a soft solo baritone voice. / "Let's have one more dance.." / Twenty heads swiveled in the direction of the singer. Unfortunately, one of them was that of Mr. Arky, the social studies teacher. His sense of direction told him immediately that the singer was Marty McFly, but his decided myopia veiled certain specifics. For one thing, he didn't see Marty deftly remove the headphones from his ears and return them to the hollow book, which also contained a tiny but powerful Walkman cassette player. Nor did Mr. Arky see the sly smile Marty exchanged with Jennifer Parker, the attractive 17-year-old who sat next to him. / "What was that, McFly?" Mr. Arky challenged. / "Nothing, sir. I was just saying I hope we all have one more dance." / "Indeed." / For a long moment, Mr. Arky surveyed the young man, scanning his feature for signs of arrogance or rebellion that he could convert to a reason for punishment. Singing in class was technically sufficient, but even Mr. Arky felt that a single line could be excused. If that had been all. He fixed young McFly with his most intimidating gaze, hoping to panic him into either a confession or further punishable arrogance. Instead, the infuriatingly good-looking face framed by medium brown hair simply stared back. After a moment of indecision, Mr. Arky backed away from the confrontation as gracefully as he could."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 3 and 4)

Mr. Arky was Marty McFly's social studies teacher. He wore glasses.


On October 25, 1985, Arky's class was learning about atomic power and, as part of the lesson, were watching a 1955 documentary film on the subject.

He caught Marty singing along to the music on his Walkman and tried to find a reason to punish him.