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" Then, looking at Marty, he [Goldie] said: "You got a crystal ball or something? How do you know I'm gonna be mayor?" / "I just know, that's all." / "When's it gonna happen?" / Marty sighed. He had gotten himself in deep again with his knowledge of the future. "Do you really want to know?" he countered. / "Of course, man. Tell me. Why shouldn't I wanna know when it's gonna happen?" / "Because it's a ways off. You might not want to wait that long." / "No, it's all right. Something like that's worth waitin' for. Besides, I'll know that nothing will happen to me between now and then, right?" / Marty nodded. "You'll be elected during the late '70s," he said. / "My seventies or the 1970s?" Goldie smiled. / "The 1970s." / "Heck, that's not too long to wait. My mother worked for forty years and got nothing out of it. So I guess I can work another twenty or twenty-five for a payoff like that..." "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 93 and 94)

Mrs. Wilson is the only name by which the mother of Goldie Wilson is known.


Mrs. Wilson had worked forty years of her life and got nothing from it. Because of this, it forced her son Goldie, who was working as a busboy at Lou's Cafe in 1955, to do something with his life and attend night school — eventually leading him to become mayor of Hill Valley.


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