Both Marty and Mr. Fujitsu (who is seen here on the video telephone) wear multiple ties in 2015.

"Her [Jennifer's] heart almost stopped when she saw who walked through the living room and past her toward the kitchen. It was Marty Senior, her Marty, decked out in a business suit — although for some reason he was wearing two ties. But he looked so much older, so much grayer. Could he have changed this much in thirty years?"
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 76)

In 2015, it was customary for one to wear multiple ties with business suits.


To an observer from an earlier era — such as Jennifer Parker, for example (see Quote above) — it would appear at first glance that the wearer had put on two identical neckties, each with its own knot. On closer inspection, however, one would note that the two ties were separated by an addition, fastened by a button, to the middle of the shirt collar.

Known wearers of multiple ties included 47-year-old Marty McFly and Ito T. Fujitsu. Marty's multiple ties were brown and yellow with rising sun motifs, while Mr. Fujitsu's were plain — being either dark gray or black. Terry wore bright orange and navy blue striped multiple ties, the two lengths of which wrapped around him like a cummerbund one would wear with a tuxedo.

The multiple ties were different from the transparent necktie, which Dr. Emmett Brown was wearing when he arrived in the DeLorean time machine to pick up Marty and Jennifer in 1985.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The idea of multiple ties being worn by male characters in 2015 was a suggestion of Robert Zemeckis.


  • This fashion has yet to catch on. At the moment, the traditional single necktie is still the norm.


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