A music store is a shop that sells musical equipment. There was a music store in Hill Valley that was in business in the 1970s and 1980s.

Marty McFly frequented the Hill Valley music store. On October 8, 1979, Marty brought Douglas J. Needles, who just moved to Hill Valley from Bakersville, to the store. He told Doug that he wanted the Erlewine Chiquita guitar, but couldn't afford it yet. Doug went back to the store without Marty and bought it himself, beginning the rivalry between the two.

The music store was also indirectly responsible for Marty meeting Emmett Brown. On October 2, 1982, Needles broke the interocitor tube in Marty's guitar amplifier. He then took Marty's guitar and told Marty he could only have it back if he brought Needles a new tube. Marty went to the music store to pick up a new tube, but the shop attendant sold all of his stock to ELB Enterprises. Marty broke into Doc's garage to get a tube, but met Doc Brown himself. Marty admitted that he had broken in to get a tube, and Doc offered him a job as his assistant, as he was impressed, both with Marty's honesty, and the fact that Marty had managed to overcome the various traps and puzzles that he had set to keep intruders out. Doc gave Marty all of the tubes, as he only needed the box for his Static-O-Matic electric hair chair.


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