Red neon curbing on the corner at the entrance of Hilldale, with the 'NO' part of the NO LANDING road marking in front.


Neon curbing visible in Hilldale, with the DeLorean parked in a red NO LANDING zone.

Neon curbing was present in 2015 in neighborhoods around Hill Valley, such as Hilldale.


At night, the curbing would either glow blue or red — the latter color being used on corners — and seemed to indicate the availability of parking along that particular street.

When Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly arrived in Hilldale to retrieve Jennifer Parker from the McFly residence, where she had been returned by Officers Reese and Foley of Unit N11-11, the DeLorean time machine landed in one of the red zones — which was clearly seen to have a NO LANDING road marking.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In British English, 'curb' — as in the edge of a sidewalk — is spelled 'kerb'. The word 'curb' in British English has a different meaning, and is both a verb and a noun: (n) something used to restrain; (v) to control or restrain.
  • A sidewalk is known as a pavement in the United Kingdom.


  • While the use of neon lighting is becoming more and more common in our lives, it has yet to be applied to curbing like that seen in Back to the Future Part II. At the moment, curbs are still marked with more traditional reflectorized road marking material to make them more conspicuous to road users.


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