The new DeLorean time machine (AKA The Animated Series DeLorean) was created by Dr. Emmett Brown in 1991. It included features that were not possible with the original DeLorean time machine, the second DeLorean time machine, or the temporal duplicate DeLorean time machine. It also could be easily upgraded, which allowed Doc to continually add and remove features as needed.


Spatial displacement and speech recognition

Doc used a 386 computer to control the advanced features of the new DeLorean. The most successful addition was spatial displacement, which allowed the new DeLorean to travel to any point in history, at any location on Earth. It had a computer keyboard that was used to enter time periods and locations into the upgraded time circuits. It also had speech recognition, although the computer had difficulty understanding Doc Brown's voice commands.

Doc traveled to April 4, 2007, where he watched the "Visions of the Future" keynote at Microsoft's TechEd conference on the internet. He found the presentation to be disastrous, so he traveled to Orlando, Florida at 1:00 PM, 90 minutes after the keynote had started.
New DeLorean Time Machine 360 view

360 view of the New DeLorean Time Machine. ( may not work on some devices)

Doc told the senior vice president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business, Bob Muglia, that Microsoft's visions of the future had not been great, and then takes him back to March 9, 2001, and April 12, 2003. Doc demonstrated what he meant, showing him the missteps that Microsoft had made in the past such as Microsoft's vision for the future of integrated storage. He then took him into the future to July 15, 2015, in an alternate timeline where Microsoft's failed visions came true, showing him that holograms of the Office Assistant and Microsoft Bob were now in control of everything.

Doc then brought Bob Muglia back to 2007 to let him give his keynote speech, which he altered based on Doc's advice. 

Improved speech recognition and security

In 1991, Doc showed Marty McFly the new DeLorean, which now had yellow wiring and joystick control for steering. He demonstrated the speech recognition and spatial displacement features, and the computer would now display the intended date and time as well as the location on the improved time circuits. He also added a security feature, since the DeLorean had become a collector's item by 1991, which allowed the DeLorean to transform into a suitcase at the sound of Doc's voice or Einstein's bark. The suitcase could not be lifted since a 2,014-pound automobile was concealed inside.



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