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Nike Footwear

The yellow Nike Footwear logo as seen on the bag.

The Nike Footwear bag was a large black futuristic hard-sided cylindrical bag in 2015, manufactured by Nike, with the Nike Footwear logo on the side in yellow.


Dr. Emmett Brown had one of these bags, which he produced from the DeLorean time machine, containing a color-shifting lenticular baseball cap, an auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket, and a pair of Nike MAGs — all of which Marty McFly would wear to pose as his future son, Marty Jr.

When Doc turned a knob on the bag, the previously opaque end of the bag became transparent — therefore enabling the contents to be seen or hidden as required. The bag was opened or closed by means of a handle on the top.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Bearing in mind that Doc is shown on-screen to pull the bag out of the driver's side of the DeLorean, and not out of the trunk (located in the front of the car), how he got it in there — bearing in mind there is no backseat in a DeLorean — is anyone's guess!
  • Back to the Predictions refers to the Nike Footwear bag as a Nike Footwear Duffel Bag,[1] even though it is nothing like the traditional drawstring cloth duffel bag.
  • In Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization, the bag containing Marty's 2015 clothes is described as follows:
" Doc pulled a small silver satchel — sort of a gym bag of the future — from the back of the DeLorean. "Here're your clothes." "
—(Quote, page 18)
" He [Doc] held the gym-bag-of-the-future out to Marty. / After looking at the bag for a second, Marty pulled open the velcro seal. "
—(Quote, page 19)


  • Nike Footwear bags like that featured in Back to the Future Part II have yet to be invented.


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  1. Nike Footwear Duffel Bag – Back to the Predictions (see 'External links' below)

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