NES games available for sale at Blast from the Past.

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was a video game console by Nintendo that was released in 1985 (and in Japan in 1983 as the Family Computer, or Famicom). It was very popular, and quickly became the best selling home video game system at the time.

The popularity of the NES led to these versions of games being available in the arcade. In 1984, the Wild Gunman arcade game was updated with cartoon graphics using the sprites of the Famicom system. It was released in Japan that year, and in the United States in 1985. That same year, the NES version of Wild Gunman was released for the arcade via the Playchoice-10 system, which allowed players to choose between ten different NES versions of games to play. Several ports of NES games were also released independently to arcade on the Nintendo VS. System. A Wild Gunman arcade game was playable at Cafe 80's in Hill Valley in 2015.

By the 21st century, NES games were available for sale in antique shops. For example, at the Blast from the Past antique store in Hill Valley, the store displayed NES versions of Jaws, BurgerTime, and R.C. Pro-Am.

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