A nuclear holocaust was a situation where millions of people die from the release of nuclear energy, either by nuclear weapons or by accidents involving nuclear reactors.


In 1955, while watching the video recorded by Marty McFly in 1985 on the JVC camcorder, Dr. Emmett Brown thought his future self was wearing a radiation suit due to fallout from atomic wars.

In 2045, a nuclear holocaust was caused by Griff Tannen. He uploaded a virus to the popular social network created by GriffTech, ThingMeme.  It was supposed to flash the word 'butthead' on every object on earth, but instead, the virus causes a short circuit in the Mr. Fusion network, causing a nuclear explosion in all one hundred million of the tiny nuclear reactors present in every unit. Doc traveled back in time to prevent the invention of the Mr. Fusion home energy reactor, which prevented the 2045 nuclear holocaust from occurring.