Oh lala

Cover of Oh LàLà.

Paris Sex Appeal December 1935

Paris Sex Appeal, N° 29, December 1935.

Oh Là Là women

Swank, July 1955.

"Strickland walked to the door [of the office] — and threw the book into the wastebasket at the corner of the desk! / Marty started breathing again. At last! He waited for Strickland to leave the office, then scrambled from his hiding place [the space under the desk] to grab the book from the trash. Here it was, with its red and silver dust jacket: Gray's Sports Almanac. / The book fell open as Marty grabbed it. His mouth fell open too, when he saw the pages, full of photos of scantily clad women! Marty pulled off the dust cover. Underneath was Ooh-La-La, one of Biff's girlie magazines!"
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 177)

Oh LàLà was a French magazine in 1955 that featured lingerie models and explicit pictures.


Biff Tannen owned at least one issue of Oh LàLà in 1955, and brought it to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance on November 12. While reading the Grays Sports Almanac he was given by the strange "old codger with a cane", he switched the dust jacket of the sports almanac with the Oh LàLà to hide it. When Marty McFly finally caught up with what he thought was the almanac, he opened up the dust jacket only to find the other magazine hidden inside and trashed it.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Though the title would read as "oh la la", Marty pronounces it as "ooh la la". In the novelization (see Quote above), the magazine itself is called Oh LàLà.
  • "Oh Là Là" is a French phrase that has lots of meanings — including "surprise", "compliment", "delight" and so on...
  • The Oh LàLà magazine never existed in real life.
  • The cover price of Oh LàLà is 4 francs 50 centimes (the franc and centime were the currency of France, before the country switched to the euro on January 1, 1999). In 1955, 4F.50 was equal to $0.92.
  • The inside pages, the price and the number of Oh LàLà was taken from a real French magazine, Paris Sex Appeal (edition of December 1935, N° 29, price 4F 50).
  • The photo of the woman on the cover of the fictional Oh LàLà — who's named Venetia Stevenson — was a flipped shot taken from another magazine, Swank (edition of July 1955).