Otis peabody

Otis with his shotgun.

"Take that you mutated son of a bitch!!!!"
—Otis to Marty

Otis Peabody's shotgun was the weapon of "Old Man" Otis Peabody. It was a double-barrelled shotgun which Otis had kept for defense against unwanted trespassers at Twin Pines Ranch.

On November 5, 1955, Otis and his family woke up to the sound of something large smashing into their barn. After investigating, they discovered the DeLorean and assumed it to be a spaceship after Sherman Peabody showed them his comic book and also when Marty McFly emerged, wearing a yellow radiation suit.

Otis rushed inside, retrieved his shotgun, and began to open gunfire on Marty, but missed each time. As Marty fled the ranch in the DeLorean, and accidentally ran over one of Otis's two pine trees in doing so, Otis proceeded to fire at him, destroying the Peabodys' mailbox in the process.