Doc in outer space

Doc Brown floating in space.

Outer space, also known as deep space or space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including Earth.


In 1866, Clara Clayton came down with diphtheria and was quarantined for three months. Her father, Daniel Clayton, placed a telescope by her bed, which she used to look at the Moon and the stars — igniting her love in astronomy and science.

In the 1870s, Daniel Clayton tried to introduce Clara to young men from good families, but she was always reading From the Earth to the Moon and other Jules Verne novels, so the relationships never worked out.

In 1885, Clara discussed with Dr. Emmett Brown their mutual love for Jules Verne novels, and they viewed the Moon and the stars through Clara's newly-repaired telescope — during which Clara appeared to know where a lot of the constellations were, and also pointed out the Moon crater Copernicus to Doc.

In 1955, Otis Peabody and his family mistook Marty McFly for an alien from outer space and the DeLorean time machine for a spaceship.

Later that year, Marty watched The Honeymooners episode "The Man from Space" on the Baines family's television set.

Marty later pretended to be an alien from the planet Vulcan, in order to scare his future father, George McFly, into asking his mother, Lorraine Baines, to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

In 1967, Biff Tannen mistook a flying craft, built by Doc to observe the Comet Kahooey, for a spaceship.

In 1985, George published a novel inspired by his teenage experience with an alien, titled A Match Made in Space.

In 1992, Doc went into space to fix a satellite, in exchange for free premium cable service.

In 1993, Doc hung a photograph of himself, holding a chicken drumstick in outer space, in his chicken restaurant.

In 2091, Marta McFly ran the McFly Space Center. Her solar sail ship, the MSC Marty, was sabotaged by Ziff Tannen. The ship was saved by Jules and Verne Brown, who traveled into the future to save their parents, who were aboard the ship at the time.


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