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Palace saloon gunslinger2
Palace Saloon gunslinger
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Played bySteve McArthur
"You sure set him straight, Mr. Eastwood. I'm glad somebody finally got the gumption to stand up to that son of a bitch."
—The man to "Clint Eastwood"

With a distinctive red vest, black suit and beard, this man, who was never identified by name, was a regular at the Palace Saloon.


Palace saloon gunslinger

The man shaking Marty's hand at the Hill Valley Festival.

This man attended the Hill Valley Festival, where he handed Doc back a lost hat and praised Marty McFly, under the guise of Clint Eastwood, for standing up to Buford Tannen.

He was later in the Palace Saloon the morning of "Clint Eastwood"'s duel with Tannen. Buford stood outside the saloon, giving 'Eastwood' to the count of ten to get out there and duel with him. When the criminal had counted up to seven, this man slid a pistol down the bar towards 'Clint' for assistance. 'Clint' told him he had a gun already.

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