Parker Ranch

The Parkers and Marty McFly at Parker Ranch.

Parker Ranch was a settlement built by Wendell Parker and Genevieve Parker.


In 1875, Thaddeus Tannen captured Wendell and Genevieve, and forced Wendell to sign over their ranch to the Tannen family. Biff Tannen, Jr. dug up the deed in his backyard in 1992.

Biff wanted to bulldoze the house and turn the land into a miniature golf course. He stated that his son loved the game, although his son claimed otherwise. Jennifer Parker told her boyfriend Marty McFly that he needed to do something, so he rode a hoverboard over to the Brown farmhouse to ask Dr. Emmett Brown if he could borrow his DeLorean time machine.

Doc and his wife, Clara used the DeLorean to watch William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, with the original cast. Marty instead took Doc's sons Jules and Verne to 1875 in the Jules Verne train.

To get the deed to the ranch, Thaddeus tied the Parkers up, and left Genevieve on train tracks to be ran over by a train. Luckily they were freed by Verne before the train arrived.

Marty, who was unwillingly made a member of the Tannen gang after he was forcefully betrothed to Tannen's sister, Hepzibah, after saving her life, ultimately undid the signing of the deed. He gave Thaddeus Tannen a pen full of ink that would fade over time.

Hepzibah Tannen turned her brother in to the sheriff, as she and Tannen's former lackey, Ox McPhips were getting married and planned to leave the life of crime to open an ice cream parlor.

Back in 1992, the signatures on the deed faded, leaving Marty to complain about his disappearing ink pen since it took almost a century to work. Now that the deed was left unsigned, Sheriff Taylor cited Biff with disturbing the peace, as he had no right to disturb the Parkers on their land. Thus, Danny "Pete" Parker and his wife Betty, who had settled on the ranch in their retirement, retained ownership of the ranch.


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