Joey Baines leaves Folsom Prison in 1986.

Parole, also sometimes referred to as probation, was the provisional early release of a prisoner from jail on the condition that they checked in regularly with their supervising parole officer and obeyed the law.


Joey Baines failed to earn his release on parole from Folsom Prison for at least the second time on October 25, 1985, after his sister Lorraine had gone to all the trouble of either ordering or baking a cake with WELCOME HOME UNCLE JOEY and a tiny black bird flying out of a barred window on the top.

On October 22, 2015, Lorraine was planning to throw a party to celebrate Joey finally getting parole, but 47-year-old Marty McFly pointed out to her that they should wait to see if Joey actually made parole first.[1] Hopefully, Lorraine didn't make any definite plans with regard to the party, as according to the Newsline column on the front page of that day's issue of USA Today, Joey had been denied parole again for the twelfth consecutive time.[2]

In the timeline where Dr. Emmett Brown built a second DeLorean time machine, Joey Baines was awarded parole and was released from prison in 1986.

It appeared that in 1985A, Dave McFly had been in trouble with the police, which his stepfather Biff Tannen owned, as Biff threatened to have Dave's parole revoked and have him put in prison if Lorraine left him.


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