The mailbox before being shot to pieces.

" "You space bastard!" Pa Peabody yelled after him [Marty]. "You killed one of my pines!" / Jerking the shotgun to his shoulder, he squeezed off both barrels at the departing vehicle [the DeLorean]. The shots went wide, striking the Peabody mailbox and blowing it to shreds. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 75)

A mailbox stood at the end of the dirt access road leading to Twin Pines Ranch in 1955.


The mailbox was gray and bore the name PEABODY in large black letters, confirming the ranch as being the home of the Peabody family.

On November 5, Otis Peabody, the owner of the land, woke up to a crash in the farmyard and while investigating with his family, discovered in the barn what he thought was a spaceship. After Marty McFly emerged from the driver's side, dressed in a yellow radiation suit, he became a shooting target. As Marty departed the ranch in the DeLorean time machine, accidentally running over one of the two pine trees as he did so, the mailbox was accidentally blown to smithereens by one of Otis's shotgun blasts.

Whether the mailbox was ever replaced with a new one remains unrecorded.

Behind the scenes[]

  • A mailbox is also known as a letter box in the U.K.


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