Howard and his daughter arrive at the McFly residence to sell Sophie Mae peanut brittle to George McFly. Well, it's all for a good cause...

A box of Sophie Mae peanut brittle is on the table in front of George at dinner, as he enjoys a rerun of The Honeymooners.

"See, honey. What did I tell you? We only had to go to one house."
—Howard to his daughter.

Peanut brittle was a confection made of hard sugar candy embedded with peanuts.


Howard's daughter was a Girl Scout,[1] who was selling Sophie Mae peanut brittle for $5.00 a case to raise money for her baseball team.

She arrived, wearing her baseball team uniform and carrying an entire case of peanut brittle, with her father at the front door of the McFly residence, whereupon Howard pressured George to purchase the case.

When Marty McFly first arrived at Dr. Emmett Brown's house in 1955, Doc tested his brain-wave analyzer on the teen and made an incorrect guess that Marty had come to sell peanut brittle for the Boy Scouts.[2]

George had a case of peanut brittle with him during his monitor duty of Hill Valley on May 15, 1986B.

Behind the scenes

  • In the novelization, Howard's daughter is only referred to, and there is no scene where the pair appear at the front door. She is also mentioned as selling Girl Scout cookies rather than peanut brittle.
  • Peanut brittle can be seen briefly at dinner in the finished film, when George pours some into a bowl.



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