Radio clock

A Diet Pepsi Free can next to Marty's clock radio in 1985.

Marty: "Give me a Pepsi Free."
Lou: "You want a Pepsi, pal, you're gonna pay for it."
— Ordering a drink at Lou's

Pepsi Free was a caffeine-free version of Pepsi cola which was introduced in 1982 and was extremely popular by 1985.


In 1987, Pepsi Free was rebranded as Caffeine Free Pepsi and has been known by that name ever since.

When Marty McFly ordered a Pepsi Free in Lou's Cafe on November 5, 1955 , the counterman interpreted that Marty literally wanted a Pepsi, free — i.e. at no cost.

In 2035, Bistro Twenty/15 sold every Pepsi variety that was available between the end of the 20th century and 2015. One of these Pepsi varieties was Caffeine Free Pepsi, which was Pepsi Free as it had been known since it was re-branded in 1987. They also offered the rebranded version of Diet Pepsi Free, known as Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi.


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