Buford Tannen: "Like I said, we'll finish this tomorrow."
Buford's gang member #3: "Tomorrow, we're robbin' the Pine City Stage."
— At the Town Festival

The Pine City Stage was a stagecoach that was robbed by Buford Tannen's gang on Sunday, September 6, 1885.

Stagecoaches often carried cash payrolls and bank transfers between towns during the 19th and early 20th centuries and were at risk of being robbed by bandits.[1] These stagecoaches were similar to the Wells Fargo & Co. stagecoach that almost ran over Marty on its way out of town as he entered the town square for the first time.

Buford almost challenged Marty McFly to a gunfight on that day, but Buck, one of his gang, reminded him out loud that it conflicted with their plans to rob the Pine City Stage. Buford and his gang were arrested for the robbery the following day by Marshal Strickland's deputy.



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