Peabody's pine trees

Peabody's two pine trees in 1955, shortly before one of them is run over by the DeLorean.

"Old Man Peabody owned all of this. Had this crazy idea of breeding pine trees."
" Meanwhile, Marty had raced back to the DeLorean and hurled himself inside. / "Damn crazy farmer!" he gasped, reaching for the starter. The engine roared to life and he kicked the car backward, not bothering to see if anyone was behind him. As he did so, the four people before him like bowling pins. He had too much speed, however, and was unable to swerve and avoid hitting the white picket fence surrounding two newly planted pine trees. The DeLorean tore through one of the pines before Marty guided it onto the dirt access road. / "You space bastard!" Pa Peabody yelled after him. "You killed one of my pines!" "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 74 and 75)

Pine trees were trees that were grown outside of Hill Valley in 1955.


Otis Peabody owned a ranch where he grew pine trees, and prominently displayed two of them out by his mailbox.

When Marty McFly accidentally drove over one of his two pines, the ranch was renamed Lone Pine Ranch, and subsequently the mall Marty had just left would be known as Lone Pine Mall.