" "You know Dad,' Marlene went on about her grandmother's offer [to buy Marty and Jennifer a new scene screen]. "He'd probably get, like, pissquanced." / "Pissquanced?" Grandma asked with a distasteful frown. / "You know, insulted," Marlene answered. "He'd think that, well —" / Her grandmother nodded, suddenly understanding. "That we were reminding him he can't afford it?" She sighed, as if she had heard this story over and over again. "Poor Marty. He'd always been so concerned about what people think about him, what they say behind his back." She glanced at her upside-down husband. "How many times have we heard it, George: 'Mom, I can't let 'em think I'm cheap!' 'Mom, I can't let 'em think I'm not with it!' 'I can't let 'em think I'm chicken!' " "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 72)

"Pissquanced" was a term used in 2015 that meant "insulted".

Marlene McFly used the word while referring to her father, Marty McFly. Grandma Lorraine was confused by the term and asked what it meant.