Pit Bull hoverboard

The board ready for attachment.


Logo for the "Pit Bull"

" As if to demonstrate the meaning of power, Griff tossed his hoverboard to the ground. And what a hoverboard! It was three times the size of the board Marty was riding, with twin jets in the back, and fins beside, not to mention those spikes all around the edges. In fact, it didn't look much like a skateboard — or hoverboard — at all. It looked, Marty thought, more like a chain-saw. Trapped over the pond, he had plenty of time to read the name of the board, too, written in gold letters on a jet black background: / THE PIT BULL. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 45)
"Keep it! I got a Pit Bull now!"
—Little girl to Marty when he attempted to give her back her Mattel hoverboard

The Pit Bull was a model of rocket-powered hoverboard that was used to make extremely fast trips.


Unlike most other hoverboards which had to be pushed with one foot on or near the ground, the Pit Bull's two directional rockets provided enough power for travel over water. It also had three tow cables that allowed additional hoverboarders to be towed behind the main unit.

Griff Tannen was a known owner of one, but after his arrest it came into the possession of a little girl, who in turn let Marty McFly keep her Mattel hoverboard.


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