In 1955, Doc finds an issue of Playboy in his future self's suitcase.

" A copy of Playboy was uncovered [in the suitcase]. Brown leafed through it, nearly dropping it when the centerfold fell out in all its glory. / "Hey!" he smiled. "Suddenly the future's looking a whole lot better." He turned the picture upside-down and then sideways. "This is kind of crazy," he laughed. "Here I am, ogling a woman who hasn't even been born yet." "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 125 and 126)

Playboy was a men's magazine started by Hugh M. Hefner in December 1953.


While looking through the items inside his future suitcase in 1955, Dr. Emmett Brown discovered an issue of Playboy from the 1980s and gazed upon its ubiquitous centerfold — a woman who hadn't even been born yet! — before commenting that "suddenly the future's looking a whole lot brighter".

Behind the scenes

  • The scene was edited from the final version of the film, but was reinstated by George Gipe for the novelization (see Quote above), albeit with the word 'brighter' replaced by 'better'. The footage, of 1955 Doc going through the suitcase from 1985, immediately preceded the part where Marty says "This is it" and plays back the videotape for Doc. The extended scene was among the deleted scenes on the DVD for Back to the Future, as well as being featured in the 1990 behind-the-scenes television show The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy.


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