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A police duty belt was worn by officers of the Hill Valley Police Department, such as Foley and Reese of Unit N11-11, in 2015.

Appearance and function[]

The belt was black with the Hill Valley Police crest on the buckle, and contained various items of standard police equipment that the officer might use if required to do so, which were as follows:[1]

  • Mini-strobes
  • Taser and flash-light
  • Storage and power unit
  • Identa-pad

Behind the scenes[]

  • A full color design drawing of a 2015 Hill Valley Police duty belt, which points out the equipment on the belt, appears on page 73 of Back to the Future: The Official Book of the Complete Movie Trilogy, with the accompanying caption "Standard issue for the officers of the Hill Valley Police Department."
  • It is interesting to note that, on the aforementioned design drawing, the usual firearm carried by a police officer in the United States is conspicuous by its absence.
  • A police duty belt is also referred to as a duty rig or kit belt.


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