Statler Pontiac 2015

The Pontiac dealership in 2015.

Statler Pontiac

A hoverboarding Spike and Data pass a Pontiac marquee (on the far left) in 2015.

A Pontiac dealership was on the outer edge of Hill Valley's Courthouse Square in 2015, in the 2015A and 2015B timelines, on the site of the Statler Toyota, Statler Studebaker, and Statler DeSoto dealerships.

The sign in front announced that it offered sales and hover conversions

A series of commercials for Statler Toyota in 2015 featured Jimmy Joe Statler wearing multiple ties, and a hover car was visible in the reflection of the window. This would suggest that it took place in the timeline after Marty McFly burned the Grays Sports Almanac, as opposed to the timeline created after Doc went back in time to stop a nuclear holocaust in 2045.

The Pontiac dealership was located in the plot of land in Courthouse Square where Statler Toyota was located in 1985, so if the Pontiac dealership still existed in 2015D, Statler Toyota had moved locations prior to October 21, 2015.

As the events that originally occurred in 2015 never happened, it's possible, but not confirmed, that in the new timeline, Statler Toyota still occupies the same location that it had in 1985.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The dealership is located on the site of the Statler Toyota, Statler Studebaker, and Statler DeSoto dealerships, but no evidence is given that it is owned by the Statler family. It's possible that Statler Toyota simply moved to a new location by 2015 in the original timeline.
  • Many of the vehicles seen in the film's version of 2015 were real-world concept cars on loan from various manufacturers. General Motors provided two. One is the Pontiac Banshee IV concept from 1988, which would later provide the basis of the fourth generation Firebird's design. The other is the Pontiac Pursuit concept from 1987, which is not to be confused with the later Canadian versions of the G5 of the same name.


  • General Motors announced in 2009 that they would retire the Pontiac brand by the end of 2010, which would make it anachronistic for there to be a Pontiac dealership in 2015. However, as the film was made in 1989, the filmmakers obviously could not have predicted whether or not Pontiac would still exist twenty-six years later, in 2015.
    • While it may be possible that the dealership closed prior to 2009 and the signage has not been removed, the building appears to be well maintained. However, the building may be empty. However, the signage mentions "sales + hover conversions".
    • The Pontiac brand may have been restarted in the 2015 of the BTTF universe. Similar to Nissan's Datsun in 2013 in some parts of the world like India.


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