Marty's Nike MAG power-lacing shoes, now all laced up and ready to go.

"Marty had slipped the shoes on his feet, but they were still loose, a lot like the [auto-adjusting and auto-drying] jacket a moment ago, and he could see no way to tie them. Except there was a pad — like the one on his jacket — on the right sneaker. After a moment's hesitation, he pressed it softly. / The sneakers zip-laced themselves shut. / 'Power laces!' Marty cheered. 'All right!' "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 20)

Power-lacing shoes were a type of footwear with shoelace-like straps that automatically tightened to secure the foot within the shoe.

Nike manufactured a line of power-lacing sports shoes named the Nike MAG, a pair of which were worn by Marty McFly while posing as his son, Marty McFly, Jr., in 2015.


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