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" Fred saw the old fellow [Biff Tannen] waving his brass-handled cane as the cabbie let out his last fare. The parrot on his shoulder squawked. / "What's the matter, Priscilla?" he asked the bird. "Don't you think we should pick this guy up?" / "Taxi!" the old guy yelled. / The parrot squawked a second time. Fred shook his head as he eased the taxi forward. "Sorry, Priscilla. A fare is a fare." / The old man scrambled into the back seat of the cab, muttering something about "two hick flies" or something like that. Maybe, Fred thought, this guy was a weirdo after all. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 60)
Fred: "That'll be $174.40."
Priscilla: "Nope! $174.50!"
— Fred figures Biff Tannen's fare, and is then corrected by Priscilla
" He [Biff Tannen] hastily pressed his thumb to the payment plate, then scrambled from the cab. He moved with amazing speed for somebody his age as he hobbled with the aid of his cane toward the DeLorean, a silver bag clutched in his free hand. / He walked straight to the car, opened the door, and climbed inside. / What was the old guy doing? Was that his car? Fred decided he didn't want to know. He turned the cab around and headed out of Hilldale. / Priscilla squawked chidingly into his ear, and Fred had to agree. / After all this time, why hadn't he learned to listen to his parrot? "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 82)

Priscilla was a parrot that Fred, the driver of Cab B25 from the Luxor Cab Company, owned and took along with him on his taxi fares.


Amazingly, Priscilla was intelligent enough to correct Fred if he was off on his figures for fares.

When Fred picked up old man Biff Tannen, Priscilla was unsure whether to pick him up for a fare, and she was soon proved right when Biff starting mumbling about "two hick flies" and "time".

Behind the scenes

  • It remains unknown as to who provided Priscilla's voice.