" "They've got identipad," she [Foley] said to her partner, pointing at the plate. 'We could just take her [Jennifer] in.' / "Are you kirgo?" Reese asked with a harsh laugh. "That's a violation of the privacy act! We could get our crags numped!" She shook her head in that brusque, official way she had. "If we can't revive her, we leave her here." / Leave her out here? On the doorstep? Someone looking as young and innocent as that? In Hilldale, now, while dusk was falling? Foley hoped it wouldn't come to that. / Sometimes she hated her job."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 62)

The privacy act was a law in 2015 that gave individuals certain rights of privacy. Officer Foley said that it would be a violation of the privacy act if they were to simply open the door to Jennifer Parker's house in Hilldale.

To stay within the letter of the law, Foley and her partner, Officer Reese, asked Jennifer's permission for them to take her inside and held her thumb up to the thumb pad while she was still drowsy.


  • As of 2012, the "Right to Privacy" continues to be upheld by the Supreme Court. Nonetheless, there is considerable debate and worry over practices such as government electronic surveillance and wiretapping — as well as common corporate practices like data mining.