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Professor Frink
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Hair colorLight Brown
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Voiced byHank Azaria
"Well there's only one way to find out. I must go back to the future. Uh, I mean the past, the past."
—Professor Frink's plan of discovering what happened to the Institute of Future Technology.
"Aww! By trying to change the past I have actually caused it to happen."
—Frink realizing the paradox of his actions.

Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr. (also known as Professor Frink) is a longtime character in the animated sitcom The Simpsons.

Frink is known to be a socially awkward, but brilliant scientist and college professor.


Professor Fink was puzzled by how the Institute of Future Technology which belonged to his colleague, Dr. Emmett Brown ended up being replaced by Krustyland. Hoping to find out, he takes one of the DeLorean time machines to find the answer in 2006.

Upon his arrival, he ran over Doc's banker, Mr. Friedman. As such, the Institute was sold to Krusty the Clown and leading Frink to realize that his attempt to change the past was the source of the problem in the first place.

Behind the scenes

Professor Frink is voiced by Hank Azaria who's voice work for the character is based on that of a Jerry Lewis impression. Lewis incidentally provided the voice of the character's father, Jonathan Frink Sr. in a segment from the "Treehouse of Horror XIV".


  • In the Simpsons Comics story, "Bart Like Me", Bart is in pursuit of his rival Brad (a.k.a. Larry Baxter). To keep up with Larry, Bart holds onto the car of the former, while riding his skateboard in a similar fashion to Marty doing so with trucks. The story is interrupted by Professor Frink who explains that Bart was able to pull the stunt through centripetal and gravitational force, and advises the readers not to do so unless they want to "End up as a McFly" on someone's windshield".


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