This quote page is for quotes from Back to the Future: The Animated Series.


"Oucha magoucha!"
—Doc Brown
Marty: "Whoa Doc. Over 125 years in less than six seconds. That's not too shabby."
Doc: "Well I had to ease up going around the turn of the century."
— Doc and Marty on the Jules Verne Train in 1864


"Aw not another Biffster?"
—Marty upon seeing Goodman Tannen
Doc Brown: "Golden fluid produced by the apis mellifera. I'm home."
Clara Clayton Brown: "Oh, Emmett, I love it when you call me "honey""
— Doc and Clara

"Mac the Black"

"Attention shoppers! Big sail/sale on pirates!"
—Marty's word play
"Wow, and I thought that only happened in cartoons."
—Marty after walking up a pirate ship's mast

"Time Waits for No Frog"

Marty McFly: "What could possibly happen to us?"
Doc Brown: "Marty, you remember what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz"
Marty McFly: "Yeah."
— Doc Brown

"My Pop's an Alien"

"You DO sorta look like that J. Michael Fox guy."
—Verne Brown after Marty McFly has sarcastically claimed to be Michael J. Fox.


"You know, you could get into a lot of trouble by going back in time to see your relatives. I should know."
—Marty McFly
"Holy bovine!"
—Doc Brown
"See you in the future!"
—Doc Brown
Doc Brown: "Holy Marconi!"
Verne Brown: "And cheese!"
— Doc and Verne
"Is there a Tannen in EVERY century?"
—Marty McFly
Biff H. Tannen: "Now then, peasant, prepare to meet your ancestors!"
Doc Brown: "I do quite often, but thanks for the invitation!"
— Doc and an Tannen
Doc Brown: "Phew! That was a close one! If it weren't for lightning power, Marty would have been trapped in 1955 forever, or at least until 1956."
Clara Clayton Brown: "Emmett Lathrop Brown. Scientist, husband and father - or just another name for disaster?"
— Doc and Clara
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