The dead rabbits

Seamus McFly showing the two dead rabbits to his wife Maggie, while Marty looks on from the bedroom door.

"Maggie! I've got supper!"
—Seamus McFly
"Before Marty could reflect on the cosmic significance of this [baby William, his future great-grandfather, peeing on him], Seamus showed up, a shotgun in one hand, a pair of dead jack rabbits in the other. / 'I got supper!' he announced as he slammed the door behind him. / Jack rabbits? Well, Marty supposed he was hungry enough to try anything. Wasn't rabbit supposed to taste like chicken, anyway? / Marty sighed. He hoped he could find Doc soon."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 52)
"Supper was ready at last. And, Marty had to admit, he was ready for it. The smells that had come from the stew pot in the last hour or so had convinced him how hungry he really was. Stewed rabbit was beginning to sound like one of the best meals Marty had ever had. / Little Will had fallen back asleep, and the three adults all sat down at the dinner table, a plate heaped with rabbit and vegetables in front of each of them. Marty reached quickly for his knife and fork. / He hesitated when he saw Seamus's folded hands. / 'From thy bounty through Christ Our Lord, Amen,' Seamus said reverently. / 'Amen,' Maggie chorused. / 'Amen,' Marty added hastily as Seamus and Maggie crossed themselves. He had forgotten all about people saying grace. He looked down at his plate. Maybe he'd better wait and see what the others did before he started to eat. / Both Seamus and Maggie picked up their forks and knives. Marty couldn't think of a better invitation. He carved out a hunk of rabbit and took a hearty bite. It wasn't bad either; a little bit like chick— / Something in his mouth went crack. / 'Careful,' Seamus cautioned, 'There still might be some buckshot in there.' / Marty reached into his mouth and pulled out a small black pellet. He smiled weakly."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 52 and 53)

Two rabbits were the supper of Seamus McFly and Maggie McFly during Marty McFly's brief stay with them in 1885.

On September 2, Seamus went hunting after rescuing "Clint Eastwood", who was found lying in an unconscious heap by their fence after being chased by a bear.

Seamus later returned to the farm with two rabbits that he had shot with his rifle.

While eating his share of the rabbit, Marty was later spat out two pieces of buckshot, which had inadvertently been cooked with the rabbit.

In 1888, Dr. Windjammer Diefendorfer had several animals in his care, including a bear, a beaver, an eagle, a rattlesnake, and a rabbit.

In 1931, Emmett Brown used his cauldron to make stew. He said that the trick to making a good rabbit stew is to add the cumin before the carrots.

When Marty was looking in the window in 2015 at the Blast from the Past antique/memorabilia store, the display included a stuffed Roger Rabbit toy. Marty, who had arrived from 1985, had not yet seen the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Behind the scenes[]

  • An outtake seen on the Back to the Future Trilogy DVD shows Seamus holding a giant stuffed Roger Rabbit toy instead of the actual two rabbits as indicated in the script.