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Rachel Samuels was a member of an anti-nuclear activist group called the Abolish Nuclear Power Consortium.[1]


Samuels was interviewed by newspapers following the 'clerical error' at the Pacific Nuclear Research Facility, which led to both TV news and newspapers reporting the theft of a case full of plutonium from the facility two weeks before October 25, 1985, which officials at the facility denied — despite a group of Libyan terrorists claiming responsibility for stealing the radioactive material.

She stated that when it came to nuclear material, carelessness was as bad as theft — and even went so far to ask if the events at Three Mile Island had been forgotten.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Rachel Samuels and the Abolish Nuclear Power Consortium are never mentioned in the TV news report shown in Back to the Future; they are named only in DeLorean Time Machine: Doc Brown's Owner's Workshop Manual.



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